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As a personal stylist for men and women in Paris, I know that a wardrobe is one of your most valuable tools and impacts everything from the job you take, to the deal you land, to the people you attract, to the respect you receive.
Whether you need guidance in the world of haberdashery, savvy accessories, grooming tips or a complete wardrobe makeover, let Kavian Style redefine your look and develop your personal image, giving you the confidence and expertise you need to live an extraordinary life.

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Personal Shopping

Do you hate shopping and feel overwhelmed in stores? Not sure what looks good on you? Tend to waste money on clothes you don’t wear? Always wear the same few items in your closet? Have shirts, pants and sweaters from years ago that just collect dust? Kavian Style has a variety of packages available to relieve you.

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Fashion Design

Starting with the moodboards, colorboard for the main and sub-collection, designing and sketching for the selected target we start to develop the new collection And sub-collections.

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Makeup – Relooking

Everybody is beautiful and you are too! Sometimes we just have to know how to make ourselves as beautiful as we are in inside and the Kavian Paris team will be here help you.

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Project Consulting


A number of Collections are made every year by Kavian Paris. The designer starts with brain-storming and identifying the costumers requirement to make a suitable conception and identity (business &design)for the costumers.

With the briefing the designer begin with a wide research on different platforms, to understand the latest movement and trends.

After a wide research for inspiration ,trends Kavian start with the conception,positionnement And planing of the spring/summer or Autumn/winter collection for him or her.

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Encapsulating the various of forms of beauty, from clothes to physical appearance. Fashion photography does just that.

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Créateur / Ready Collections

A few Collections PAP/HAUT couture/Premium are made every year by Kavian. The Designs are ready to be developed for the costumer. The costumer has the opportunity to shop the designs.
Once the selection is done kavian starts with brain-storming and identifying the suitable materials for the development of the collection for production.

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When I am not styling men and women for their professional careers, I can often be found styling on the set of a photo shoot or writing about fashion, style and lifestyle. I am the former fashion & lifestyle editor working with several luxury, fashion and lifestyle magazines, and I’ve done the creative direction for various projects and shootings and other publications.

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How does it work?


Let’s meet! After discussing the specific needs of your corporation and its associates as well as the current dress codes or lack thereof, we’ll create a customized program that will educate and empower your employees.

Our presentation will use real-life examples to illustrate topics such as:

· Building wardrobe basics

· Understanding appropriate attire for all work scenarios

· Cracking the business casual code

· Discovering and developing your style brand

One-on-one style consultations will give employees the opportunity to:

· Learn their body type and ideal colors and receive style recommendations

· Discuss various work scenarios and how to dress for each situation (eg, client-facing versus internal meetings, business dinner versus off-site conference)

· Create a strategic game plan for a personal style brand that’s in tune with the company and allows the individual to feel authentic

· Ask personal style questions privately away from a group setting

Dress better – work better – feel better


We might not like to admit it, but what we wear matters. Studies show that how we dress affects not only how we’re perceived by others but also our productivity. Your employees should be your best brand ambassadors through the way they present themselves on a daily basis. As dress codes evolve and change, associates are left questioning what’s appropriate, and companies are struggling to communicate what works and what doesn’t in a corporate world that is moving toward business casual. Adding a style consulting program to your existing benefits allows your company to recruit better, retain employees, and promote goodwill.

The teams at Kavian Paris , are experts in corporate culture and personal branding. They will share their expertise with your employees to teach them why dressing well matters, how to create their personal style brand, along with the nonverbal message of their clothing and the reflection it has on them and their company.

After dressing hundreds of clients from busy lawyers to financial executives to creatives for a wide variety of situations, Kavian  have cracked the style code, figured out the formula, and, most importantly, they know how to
communicate it in a way that’s educated, up-to-date, persuasive, and approachable.