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House of KAVIAN

with a
Persian and
German Background


Born in Teheran in 1985 from a well-known noble family Kavian Ghassemy-Amjady is a passionate German-Persian designer and creative director residing in Paris since 2008.
He holds a University degree from Esmod International Art & Fashion University Paris, specializing in Fashion Design and Haut Couture Costumes.

Kavian gained significant experience in design, product development and marketing within several Maisons de couture in Paris and his own Brand Kavian Paris that he started in 2012.

Innovative and futuristic Kavian embodies contradictions at the core of his glamourous, yet well structured creations. His design have the perfume of fancy and magnetism, pursuing the glitter pureness in lines.
Breaking definitions and creating outstanding structures Kavian follows his inspirational  evolution through various influential platforms of life inspired by the distinctive ladies that were his grandmother and his mother. The silk road from Teheran and the Oriental-Persian  culture plays an uncompromized element of imagination and creativity in the artist‘s mind. Altogether with a German  School education and a French family esprit, Kavian reveals fascinating mixity in his work and a personality carrying with various resonance.

The purpose of Kavian Paris – Europe is to serve its customers the best quality of the mentioned services. To realize this purpose Kavian Paris  provides a wide range of customized services and various choice of products at any time in  Paris, with strong business relations to customers and partners.

In this context Kavian aims to be a leading brand who providing innovation, new designs, interesting materials & texture ideas, concepts and various techniques using traditional and modern tools that inspire the progressive changing face of fashion and the trends. By creating tomorrow’s today, Kavian makes  research continuously on different platforms and explores various traditional techniques, to build contemporary surfaces that are exquisite and unique.

As a leading brand Kavian always adds new value to his partners, who respect business ethic, who benefit from experiences and achievements from the confidence which he gained in the past in each area and who continues to receive and who is proud to share these experiences and success with his customers.

With a strong focus on quality of product and services the customer’s satisfaction is the first goal at Kavian Paris.

Made to fit

The aim is to establish a brand using innovation, tradition and developed technology with good  qualifications, sensitive to fashion and aesthetics, satisfying the customers with the most appropriate choices and to make it continually a trustworthy quality brand.